We help enterprise make better decisions – faster – to grow sales and gain market share, at global scale.

MarketExperteez is the global leader in analytics technology to measure, predict and dramatically improve marketing results. We offer the only platform that delivers a truly holistic performance measurement approach.

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The MarketExpereez Decision Cloud

Our all-in-one platform provides sophisticated new tools for growing revenue in a complex, multi-channel environment. It includes applications for cross channel attribution, mix modeling, benchmarking and pricing.


Our planning application uses proprietary data to benchmark how you compare against peers and generate recommendations to optimize media plan effectiveness.


Our cross-channel attribution application navigates complex, multi-touch customer journeys, enabling planning and course correction decisions to drive incremental conversions.


Our resource allocation and optimization application enables insights and decisions that drive sales growth across products, markets, segments and channels.


Our dynamic pricing optimization application enables decisions that drive incremental revenue by adjusting prices to changing demand drivers for live events.